Educational Gifts Under $50 For Children Under 3

Educational Gifts Under $50 For Children Under 3


Every parent wants their child to have a top quality education but what many forget is that their child's learning begins in infancy. The first three years of life are the formative years and if we don't give them a love for learning at a young age they may never find learning to be fun. If you have a toddler on your Christmas shopping list then make a point of getting them a toy that they can not only have fun with but also instills a love for learning.

Fisher Price has many toys for various age groups but an old favorite is the tried and true See N Say. This is a toy that mom and dad probably played with during their own toddler years to teach them the sounds of many farm animals. This toy provides hours of barnyard fun as well as helping the child to identify various animals and the sounds they make. For an average price of ten dollars this is a great deal and great fun for the toddler.


Teach A Tot is available by Smart Start Baby. This doll helps your child learn to button buttons, zip zippers and tie shoes. This doll also comes with a toothbrush, comb and its own tissue to help a child learn about basic hygiene. Teach A Tot comes in both a boy and girl version so your child can learn to dress and clean themselves.


V-Tech V.Smile Baby System comes with ten different games that will help your child learn color, shape, texture sounds and music. This toy hooks directly into your TV and fits in your child's lap. While it is not technically a computer this is a good place for your child to also develop an interest in electronic learning.


The Take Along Preschool Pal is another toy that teaches, letters, numbers and shapes that includes a quiz function guided by a friendly voice from the toy itself. This toy prepares your child for school along with early reading and counting skills. This is a must have for any child.



Children love to create and build and there are many old favorites out there even for the smallest children. Lego offers a larger version of the original Lego set for younger children. Your child will spend many creative hours building and creating their own designs.


Video's And DVD's


a favorite for parents. Toddlers are a bundle of energy and often this makes it impossible to get anything if your toddler is running all over the house. From time to time both parent and child need to relax. A favorite of this parent is Richard Scary's Best Learning Video Ever. This video teaches your child their ABC's and counting through music. Even with all of the popular children's programming this video (now available through in DVD form) seems to draw the child in and makes them want to sing along with the ABC's and the counting. If you want your child to learn their ABC's before they enter school this is one video that will certainly help your child on that path.




There is no better gift one can give to a child than the love of learning and with that love there must be a love of reading as well. Dr. Seuss has been a favorite since The Cat In The Hat first hit bookstores in 1955. The rhythm of the stories and the wonderfully illustrated pictures will have your children begging you to read to them. Dr. Seuss publishing has expanded into many other venues including Sesame Street and Arthur. You are sure to find many books that your children will love for years to come and who knows maybe in twenty five years they will be reading the same books to their children. Give your child the gift of learning and your child will learn.Writing is also very important part of education if you want to help about essay writing visit dissertation writing services.